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Is This the Future of DNR Forestry?

October 29, 2015 1:33 PM | Richard Pouzar (Administrator)

This Indiana DNR just sent out a message asking for public input on its latest strategic plan and how it relates to forestry.  They have proposed charging fees for certain services.  For those enrolled in the Indiana equivalent of our FDA program, there would be a flat per acre fee included in the real estate tax.  For those not in that program, they would charge for specific services. Here is the message that they sent -

"Note that the Division of Forestry, based off Indiana Code 14-23-1-1 that was added in 1995, is recommending fees for services to landowners.

"At the public input meetings, the following suggested fees were presented:

"Classified Forest & Wildlands (CFW) Division of Forestry preliminary proposal:

  • $2/acre/year administrative fee
  • All other services free
  • Paid with property tax, county retains 10%
  • Estimated revenue of $1.3 million per year

"Non Classified Lands Division of Forestry preliminary proposal:

"Pay for service:

  • Stewardship Plan $200
  • TSI Marking $100 for every 5 acres (max. 10 acres per year/landowner)
  • Forestry Practice Plans for invasive species and tree planting $100
  • $100 Revision of existing stewardship plan for cost share
  • Estimated revenue: $190,000"

Anyone think that the Illinois DNR is not paying attention to this?

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