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Our Awards Program

At our annual March dinner meeting, the Association honors one of our members for their contributions to propagating the benefits of forestry in our corner of the state. The recipient receives a plaque inscribed with these words: 

"This award recognizes individuals who have been leaders in maintaining the health, growth, and diversity of forests in our six-county area. Just as certain tree species pioneer the establishment of woodlands, these recipients through their persistent efforts and model behavior have been pioneers in spreading the benefits of forestry. They deserve our gratitude for their contributions to our clean air, clean water, diverse forest products, wildlife habitat, and sustainable natural resources.”

The following members have been so honored:

 Ralph Eads
 Warren Parker
Oscar Gustus
 Jerry Misek
 Tom Arnold
 Dick Pouzar
 Willie Kaiser
 Keith Arnold
 Michael Johnson
 Dave Harrison
 Lee Freedlund

The Association also honors local 4H participants that win the Natural Resources - Forestry competition each year.  A trophy, in honor of our past editor of many years Walter Peaslee, is awarded to these 4H winners.

Lastly, NIFA has cooperated from time to time with the Illinois Forestry Association and the Illinois Tree Farm Committee to honor forest landowners who have managed their forests continuously over many years.  These people have been presented with Illinois Tree Farm signs that indicate their 25-year or longer dedication to forest management.

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